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St Germans Parish Council

What we do

The Council recognises the importance of supporting groups, organisations and charities that benefit the local community, and that making grants is a valuable method of support. St Germans Parish Council has an open, consistent and easily understood approach to awarding its grants. Please access the Grant Policy 2022To apply please complete the Grant application form 2022 or contact the Clerk to request the form\access through the documents section on this website.

The precept is the part of your council tax that the Parish Council request each year in order for it to fulfil its financial obligations and serve the parish of St Germans. The amount the Parish Council requests is then divided between every household within the parish, what you pay is then dependent on what tax banding your property is.

The Parish Council is notified of planning applications within the parish* and can make representations on your behalf. However, the Council is only one voice. Please let us know if you object to a planning application but also contact Cornwall Planning department yourself to explain your reasons for opposing the plan. Email: 

* The Parish Council is not always notified about Pre-applications (PREAPP) or Prior Approval Applications (PAA).
Please also note
that sometimes planning applications are received after the monthly agenda has been published and these applications will still be included in that months meeting.  We will always try and post changes on the website, but this cannot be guaranteed. If in doubt, attend the Parish Council meeting.

Representatives to Other Bodies:

Climate Action

Cllr Nicola Griffin and Cllr Lizzy Stroud

Cornwall Gateway Community Network Panel

Cllr Witton (voted representative) and Cllr Hodge

Emergency plan

Cllr Nicola Griffin, Cllr Alan Hodge and Cllr Nigel Witton

Gateway Climate working group

Councillor Lizzy Stroud and Councillor Nicola Griffin

Nut Tree

Cllr Pipe, Cllr Griffin and Cllr Witton

Port Eliot Working Group

All Councillors

Rame Cluster meetings

Cllr Nicola Griffin & Cllr Alan Hodge

Saltash Area Road Safety (SARS)

Cllr Hodge, Cllr Barnes and Cllr Chilton

St Germans Playpark

Cllr Elliott and Cllr Witton

Tideford Air Quality Working Group

Cllr Hodge, Cllr Witton and Cllr Barnes

Tideford playpark

Cllr Hodge and Cllr Skelton

Transport (Buses and rail users)

Cllr Skelton & Cllr Hodge